Mailing List and Data Services

Purchased Mail Lists for Potential Customers

We can help you purchase a new mailing list for one-time or multiple use, based on specific requirements such as consumer or business, political and voter history, radius, income levels, and other specialty lists.

ACLS Direct - NCOA

National Change of Address (NCOA)

Address Correction

ACLS Direct - CASS

With every mailing, we run your mail list through the NCOA database to ensure more of your mail is delivered to your chosen recipients.

Our Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) software will correct and standardize addresses on your mail list, resulting in less non-deliverable mail. We are often able to add missing address information and "clean up" problematic lists.

ACLS Direct - Merge Purge



ACLS Direct - Householding

We can remove your existing customers from your purchased list, merge multiple lists together, eliminate duplicates, and more.

We can help you consolidate the number of pieces mailed by household to keep mail costs down.

List Acquisition

Data Processing

Every Door Direct Mail

Single / Multi Use List Acquisition

File Transfer / Conversion

Postal Presorting

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