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Printing and mailing services for your targeted direct mail campaign

Sending a newsletter to your members? Want to print and mail a postcard to potential new customers? Need to send letters that are personalized with your customers' names and other various data? Let us take care of everything for you.

ACLS Direct - Printing


Since 1945, mailing has been the primary service of ACLS Direct. We have the direct mail equipment to complete any project no matter how big or how small.

Postal Tracking

We're able to track the delivery of your mail by printing an Intellegent Mail Barcode (IMB) on every piece of mail for the Post Office to scan in order to ensure mail reaches its destination.

Inserting and Tabbing

Inkjet Addressing

Additional Services

Machine/Hand Inserting

Wafer Sealing

Pressure Sensitive Labeling

In-Line/Off-Line Metering

Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)

Postage Discounts

Business Reply Mail Acceptance

Automated Stamp Affixing

High-Speed Equipment

Variable Data Personalization

Get better campaign results with personalized direct mail!

Customizing offers, messages and images based on purchasing history and customer information. ACLS utilizes advanced software systems in order to customize greetings, signatures, and more to create unique pieces for each recipient.

Analyze Your Data

Customize Tools

Potential Benefits

Conditional Processing

Merge Projects

Sequencing & Filtering

QR Codes

Tailored Bar Graphs

Unique Signatures & Greetings

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Establish Customer Relationships

Accelerate Return on Investment

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